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Flora and Fauna of the French River area

The French River area offers plenty of opportunities to see animals in their natural environment. Pristine nature awaits you in the protected wilderness area of Northern Ontario out of doors. Vacationers can view a red fox slithering along the shoreline, see beaver harvesting timber for their dens, watch with awe the soaring bald eagles, hear the cry of the loons with their wings flapping on take off and turtles sunning atop a dead head stuck in the river beds. Hunt for the mushrooms bursting through granite rock and tree falls or gigantic blueberries awaiting a child's twinkling eyes with a big purple smile.

Birdwatchers will easily find woodpeckers, finches, chickadees and nuthatchers as well as larger birds such as eagles, osprey, turkey vultures, geese and ravens. Bears, deer and moose are frequently spotted in the area and smaller animals such as weasels, rabbits, red fox and otters are common. On quiet nights you may hear the wolves calling in the distance.

Fall adds color to the palate of the serene scenery along with changes in the flora and fauna. Wildlife migrations occur, influx of birds and animals seeking food and refugee from the harsh winters ahead. These are just a few memories and wildlife the guests of the Bryer Lodge have experienced while exploring, boating, hiking, fishing, or canoeing the famous French River Park.

There are many fish species in the French River

Some of the popular sport fish are;

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