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Fishing on the French River

For over 70 years the French River has enjoyed a well deserved reputation for it's fishing quality. Ontario's most sought after game fish are here: walleye (pickerel), musky, northern pike and small and large mouth bass. French River also offers Pan fish such as Crappie, Perch, Sunfish, and Rock Bass. If you prefer the fishing challenge of Sturgeon, large Channel Cats, or Whitefish, we have them too.

French River, a Provincial Waterway Park, is best described as a 80 mile long series of island dotted lakes connected by rapids and falls that gently lower the river a total of 60 feet to the Georgian Bay, a part of the Great Lakes. Other than fast moving water, there are fishing areas that include weedy bays, coves, flats, rocky points, and mid-river shoals. A true fisherman's dream.

Fish slot limits were placed in the French River and Georgian Bay in 1994. We have seen improvement through catch and release of these breeders in the slot size. Limits on number of fish per species were also reduced. These conservation efforts are maintaining and assisting the quality of fishing in the French River, Georgian Bay, Canada, for years to come.


The following regulations apply to the French River

Walleye; Open 3rd Sat. in May; S - 4 and C - 2 – none between 40-60 cm (15.7-23.6 in.), not more than 1 greater than 60 cm (23.6 in).
Northern Pike; Open 3rd Sat. in May; S - 4 and C - 2 – none between 53-86 cm (21-34 in.), not more than 1 greater than 86 cm (34 in).
Muskellunge; Open 1st Sat. in June; S – 1 and C – 0 - must be greater than 122 cm (48 in).
Bass; Open 4th Sat. in June; S - 4 and C - 2 - none between 33-43 cm (13-17 in), not more than 1 greater than 43 cm (17 in).

S = sport fishing license      C = conservation fishing license

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